Fastest Card Exchange App

Exchange your crad with surrounding persons within a 10 seconds
Now, no one will throw your valuable business cards away.

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Features Changes Experience


No manual send and receive process.Just Select a User & Exchange The Crad with two taps


Not just share but exchange your cards within a 10 second, with our cutomized protocol


We care about your privacy, we never share or sell the user's information. We also hate spamming


Make your life simple


You will always have enough cards to exchange

Crad uses own protocol to communicate with other devices. Crad enabled smartphones tetects each other within few seconds. Only single click is enough to share the card with other crad enabled devices. Protocol 7/2 makes crad fast and reliable. There is no any limit for number of surrounding detections. It uses all existing advance technologies from smartphone to communicate with surrounding smartphones.

Your card will be in the pocket of right person

88% of cards get trashed within a week. But from now your valuable cards will not go in the dustbin, The value of your card will get hike when it will be in the hand of right person. All crad enabled persons will find you within a few clicks. It will increase your customer reach with Zero cost.


Reliable Information, No miscommunications

Information on visiting cards gets expired after few years. Many times user's phone number or office address gets changed, but your card cannot tell this to the person. Sometimes card leads to miscommunications due expired information. This will never happen with Crad, as you can update your information at any time.

Limitless, Card carrying is no more a big deal

People forgets to carry own cards in the pocket, then what about other's cards. What will happen if you can carry thousands and thousands of cards in your pocket without adding single gram of weight. Card carrying will not be big problem after usage of Crad.

  • 1
    Install the Crad

    You can find the appliation link on a top of the page. Currently application is available only by link provided.

  • 2
    Register Your Account

    Fill all required information which you want to show publicaly, all crad users will be able to find your card by using the information given by you.

  • 3
    Start Sharing

    Open the app and select the surrounding card to exchage. Other user will get the request of exchange from your account. Card will get exchange if other user will accept it.


Get your Crad

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Frequently Asked Questions

How my information will be used?

Crad never shares/sell your private information to anyone. We only show your company information in public. Your personal information will not get share unless and until you share it via app.

What will happen if other person will not have Crad?

You can share your formatted crad on WhatsApp even if you other person's number is not saved in your contacts.

Can I update my information later?

Yes! you can update your any required information from Profile option in application. The only one feild you cannot update is your personal email. which is used for login.

How we can contact you for any issue?

You can contact us on contact information provided in contact section of this page. One of our team member will contact you within 2 business days.

Download Anywhere

Currently Crad is available on Android PlayStore only. after v2.0 it will be available for iOs

*Works on Android Lollipop and above.